Wednesday, October 17, 2012

our mystery of history easy peasy mini pyramids



Just a few chapters in and History has become one of our very favorite together times.



We start by snuggling on the couch and reading aloud the text of the day.  Sometimes we’ll also have library books or videos to compliment our studies. This is typically followed by surfing YouTube on our handy dandy iPad for cool videos that tie into our studies of the day.  For instance, when we were exploring Dinosaurs we found a handful of video clips with “dinosaur sightings”.  The kids loooooved wondering if the stories are true or not!  YouTube is one of my very favorite teaching tools! 



My next favorite has to be projects!



Today’s was making easy peasy mini pyramids (inspired by a file in the Mystery of History yahoo group I belong to) to go with our Ancient Egypt lesson.











We were going to mummify lego people to put inside.  But it turned out we already had lego mummies!



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