Wednesday, October 17, 2012

yoga sequence cards for the monkey see–monkey do kiddos



One of Trevy’s ABA Lessons is Gross Motor imitation.  He’s working on various yoga moves during his school based PT sessions.  And everybody knows yoga is SO great on so many levels.  So I thought…let’s use that idea at home too!  And then I was inspired even more to have his BFF (aka…sister) peer model for me!  He’s totally “monkey see monkey do” with her.  Or maybe it’s “anything you can do, I can do better”?  Either way…it works.  Also, she loves helping me create things for him.  I spy a future therapist!  Plus, I love connecting the siblings into Trevy’s life in creative and fun ways.  Which is how this idea turned into a school project yesterday (reason # 287 why I <3 homeschooling).



The pictures turned out TOO cute!



I thought it was super adorable that she kept reminding me to be sure and share them on the blog.  In love














If you don’t have a willing sibling peer model but would love a printable version of these I can email you a Word doc.  Just email me:



Have fun getting’ stretchy!




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