Monday, August 20, 2012

an imperfect mommy’s good enough memory books


I had grand plans for creating super adorable memory portfolios last school year.  Books that I envisioned my children sharing with their children and their children with…  Um, yeah, that was a fail.






Part of my issue is that I want things to be perfect.  Perfect or bust.  I’m a first born.  We’re really hung up on perfect.  The thing with perfect is…



ya know…



  It just doesn’t happen much around here!  I have too many kids.  I’m plugged into too many things.  I have too much on my plate.  I just can’t seem to do perfect.  Also, I’m being persuaded that perfect is a myth anyway.  In love 



I have two themes for this homeschool (and mommyhood in general) year.  Use What You Have and Good Enough is Okay Too.



Hence…my good enough memory portfolios for this year!





I decided those 10 cent folders with the brads inside them were good enough.  You’ll notice the dark blue one is accessorized because I accidentally grabbed some without brads.  I was totally frustrated with myself and Staples (for mixing the two).  But then I decided to use what I have (and I have lots o’ brads and a hole puncher) and modify!


I also decided mommy decorating the front cover with a Sharpie was good enough…when I really wanted to run to Michael’s and buy all kinds of cutsie stickers and things.


You know you’re proud of me!  Right?  Rigggght?




I didn’t have to make my own printables but none of the pre-made ones really clicked with what I wanted. 




So I came up with my own good enough Me in the _______ Grade version.




We set up at our Huddle Table.  (which I have not regretted painting with blackboard paint btw)  I made sure to have colored pencils and a cursive formation guide.  The guide was added after both kids asked me for help. Smile




The kiddos loooooved our first memory book project. 



I’m a sucker for sharing a funny moment.  One of the questions I asked them was what would they like to learn this school year. Which inspired the following conversation:


Toby:  I’d really like to learn more about Thomas Edison


Bristel:  snicker snicker


Toby (annoyed):  What?!  He only created light, you know!


Bristel (sarcastically):  Oh really?  He invented the sun???





I have their Memory Books filed in my mommy bin beside my desk.  Where all my homeschool and Trevy school things live.  I intend to fill them through the year with art projects, special papers they work on and other cool memory-ish stuff.



Click here to download and print the created by mwah good enough Me in the _______ Grade memory worksheets via 4shared.  Or you can email me and ask for the PDF that way.  Unless I can figure out how to upload it to my Raising Little Rhodies fan page.  Then you’ll have to like me for it!  Of course, I do share gobs of free iPad apps as I find them…so you might wanna like me anyway?  In love 



Happy Mommy-ing!






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  1. Love it. I'm glad you shared this. Blessings to you and you family!

  2. Love it. I'm glad you shared this. Blessings to you and you family!

  3. Would love to know where your cursive guide came from. Love this btw and am doing an as we go portfolio this year as well.

    1. That's actually the cursive guide from Abeka. I just laminated it and wah-lah. But I KNOW there are printable cursive guides out there too. HandWritingWithoutTears I'm sure has one. I've seen them floating around Pinterest too. If I didn't already have that one...I would just print one and go. The catch is...using something that agrees with whatever penmanship program or style you're using.


  4. Love it. Where did you get your cursive guide?

  5. Great idea! I had the same problem with wanting to be perfect. That's why I have one awesome yearbook from the first year of our homeschooling ... and that's it (even though we homeschooled through high school)! I featured your printable as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: