Monday, August 20, 2012


I have been tempted for aaaaaages to give Time4Writing a whirl so when it came up as a review I was thrilled!

We were given the 8 week Middle School Powerful Paragraphs course.

The Nut Shell
  • Each 8 week online writing course is $99
  • Time4Writing offers a variety of courses for elementary, middle and high school students
  • Support includes things like an individual teacher, student forum and a placement guide.  Good to Know: you have a 14 day money back window or change the course selected if you’re unhappy.
  • Take a Video Tour   

    The Review

    Writing is not among the favorite things to do in our home.  Which is why I was so drawn to give Time4Writing a go! 

    My Pros
    • Independent
    • Ability to communicate with peers
    • The lessons aren’t too time intensive
    • The website is easy to navigate
    • Video tutorial for the Kinesthetic learners like me
    • Email notifications (saving me the extra step of having to remember to check)
    • Typing practice
    • WONDERFUL customer service support!  Literally received feedback within minutes of any questions I had.
      My Cons
      • There was no meet n’ greet with the teacher – something that I feel is essential for any educational project.  That said, parents and students are encouraged to communicate.  The teachers also have short little bios to read. 
      • I for terrible for saying this out loud – but – we really didn’t “click” with our teacher.  I feel that goes back to the lack of “getting to know you” time.  I think the whole experience could be enhanced if there was a meet n’ greet of some kind…be it a questionnaire or even better a short live chat.
      • Waiting for the teacher to grade work before moving on.  I understand the teacher has multiple students’ work to grade and there has to be some lapse there…it was just a bit frustrating.  Especially because we fell behind and couldn’t catch up due to weekends (no grading over the weekend) and the weekly 24 hour grading period.  You cannot move forward if you’re waiting for a graded project. 
      • 8 weeks to finish the course.  Like most homeschool families we thrive best on flexibility.  A major reason I need freedom from strict time constraints is because I have a little one with special needs and our day’s plans can change moment by moment.  Feeling forced into this 8 week block (especially during the summer) felt quite suffocating.  They do say that in some instances with prior notification they may allow a break – but it is not encouraged.  If you’re interested in this program for a student writer – be sure it’s during a time where you know that you can devote your energy and schedule.

      So you wanna know what I really thought?  There are things I really liked about the program.  Describing paragraphs as a hamburger for instance.  That visual was great – and I’ll definitely keep referring to it as we move through this year’s writing projects.  I like that it fosters independent study.  Again…the customer service was terrific too!  And I think that says a lot about a company.  I just don’t think it’s the right choice for our family.  Between the cost and time crunch I just can’t see myself choosing to use this again. 

      But remember…my opinion is just one of many.  Make sure to check out what other TOS reviewers have to say while you’re doing your research.


      *This is my little space to disclaim that I was given a subscription to Time4Writing in exchange for my honest review shared on my blog.  All opinions expressed are my honest own.  I hope that you enjoyed and found my review at least a smidge helpful.  Because my voice is just one, I highly encourage you to read what my fellow TOS Crew friends thought about this product.**

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