Monday, April 16, 2012

Trevy’s April (montessori/tot school) Trays



Trevy attends our local public school’s integrated preschool program four half days a week.  Although next year is K…sniffle sniffle.  Integrated is just a fancy way of saying half the class or less is special needs and half the class or more should be peer models.



I like the program we have wrapped around him.  It’s working and he (mostly) enjoys school.



But we also do a lotta learning here at home too!

(homeschool mommy syndrome?)



I’m in love love love with the workbox/tot tray concept.  The OCD in me adores how organized it is!  Plus it looks so cute and learn-y all cozy in the school/therapy room.



Trevy's April Trays 001



Inside each of those little drawers (I call them trays) lives mommy picked toys and activities.


I rotate what’s inside them on a monthly basis.  Sometimes more often.  Depending on how creative and energetic I’m feeling.  In love



Trevy's April Trays 019

Trevy's April Trays 021




We’re blessed to have some amazingly gifted people working with Trevy.  One of them gave me the 3 – 2 – 1 – all done! idea to help Trevy maintain his focus.  I have 3 strips (hanging on the whiteboard for now) with coordinating pictures on the drawers.  Once Trevy fills a strip (which means completing 3 trays) he’s All Done!  And can choose anything he’d like to play – usually that means outside or iPad.  Although he does have a recent infatuation with Chuck the Truck.



Ideally, we’ll go through all 3 sets of trays each day.  I don’t know about your place…but at our place life doesn’t typically flow ideally.  In love   Most days we make it through 1 set.



Rather than go in depth with the trays now…I thought I’ll just do a quickie skim.  And maaaaaybe…I’ll do a post for each tray individually? 


Set 1


All About Reading Tray

Ziggy Zebra and a couple other puppets live inside here.  My AAR tote bag hangs on the back of the school door. 

Trevy's April Trays 002


Pattern Blocks Tray

I found these awesome easier pattern printables and only have the blocks needed to complete the two patterns in the drawer.  I do keep the blocks in a Trevy safe tupperware so I don’t have to worry about choking.

Trevy's April Trays 004


Pre-Writing Tray

I do use a large binder which doesn’t fit in the tray as a slated surface.  Dry erase crayons are in the little tupperware.  Again…Trevy safe.  Trust me…I’ve wiped enough crayon off enough walls!  And from between enough teeth! Winking smile

Trevy's April Trays 012


Set 2


T for Trevy Tray

Spelling his name with magnetic letters.  I intend to start erasing the prompt letters one x one to see if he can generalize.

Trevy's April Trays 005


Hand Writing Without Tears Puzzle Tray

I printed HWT templates and cut the shapes from foam sheets.

Trevy's April Trays 006


Gross Motor Play Tray

I found another great printable with movement prompts for the letters of the alphabet.  We have to do at least 5 movements to complete this tray.

Trevy's April Trays 007


set 3


Speech Therapy Tray

Lots of oral motor play goodies plus flash cards, PECS and a sentence strip or two.

Trevy's April Trays 010


Craft Tray

We’re making our own ABC book with coloring sheets.

Trevy's April Trays 011


Life Skills Tray

We’re using I Can Dress Myself by Your Therapy Source to help learn about self care.  We also dress to dolly as we play.

Trevy's April Trays 013



And that’s a peek in his trays this month.




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