Saturday, April 14, 2012


I knew the kids would love this movie because they’re very into mysterious things right now.  But I was not prepared to love it too!  Such a wonderful wonderful movie with a great story line and even better take home point!  Beautiful scenery too…being set in Ireland.  Reminded me that I once dreamed of visiting Ireland for my 20 anniversary!  I highly recommend adding Secret of the Cave to your instant que!

Another goodie!  Especially with it being baseball season right now.  Based on a true story and set in Mexico (geography…are ya with me moms? Winking smile). 

Great for girly girls!



  1. Thanks for the great recommendations! I just requested them at my library.:) Lori

  2. I often visit when you post on the workbox group as we share some children of the same ages and maybe ability. We watched the Mystery of the Cave and the Perfect Game. Both were excellent movies and my boys loved them, even if one wiggled the entire time he watched. Great recommendations. Share as many as you can, as I for one never find the "good" ones on Netflix, but it might because I am to impatient to search. Thank you for the suggestions, they blessed our family.