Tuesday, April 17, 2012

how we’re doing family worship today: Keys for Kids

Like every family out there we have struggled with consistent family time  worship.  We’d find something that worked for a while but then inevitably we would hit a Life bump in the road (early work schedule, late night baseball games, etc etc) and it would stall out.  Before we knew it months would pass before we were gathering together for worship at home again. 

Then one day not too long ago, I was feeling sappy.  And somehow my mind wandered back to when I was a kid.  And I remembered how my parents used to read Keys for Kids with my brother and I.  My memories may be fuzzy but I distinctly remember enjoying them. 

I convinced my hubby (who is more of the read right from the Word kinda guy…which is great and important but it just wasn’t working with the two littles.  He agreed. :0) to try out Keys with our kiddos. 

It’s been working wonderfully!

You can read it online, order the booklets or do like us and listen to the audio version!  We just gather on the couch around the iPad and listen to Uncle Charlie share that day’s Key.  I love that there is a little worship tune on the audio version too.  We’ve found that mornings work best for us.  And while we still haven’t managed to meet every.single.day, Keys has been helping us be more consistent.  


I just thought I’d share in case there might other families out there looking for a family worship time idea.  Give Keys for Kids a try…it might be the right fit (for right now) for your family too! 


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