Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my newest (homeschool) mommy toolbox essential: TOMBO glue

   Every mommy has her toolbox of mommy-hood essentials.

My homeschool mommy toolbox includes things like:

Our iPad
Painter’s Tape
My laminator (which here’s hoping the hubster unclogged it for me!  Don’t ask…)

Yep…that’s right.  I’ve crossed Velcro right off my list!  I’ve had a love-hate thing with Velcro forever.  I love how it allows me to reposition things over and over and over and…  But I hate how tacky it looks.  At least if you happen to place everything cross-wise like me!  I hate how it gets fuzzy stuff stuck in it.  And so on…

Which is why I’m SO excited to have found an alternative!

TOMBO multi-purpose glue!  You can use it as a permanent adhesive by sticking things in place while the glue is still wet.


You can let the glue dry to a tacky goop and use it as repositionable adhesive! 

I’m totally addicted!

I’m using it on EVERYTHING! 

It even sticks things to my painted (because it was WAY easier and we’re lazy like that) wall paper when positively nothing else will stick to it!  I found mine at Michael’s but you can google and price compare.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got things to tack-i-fy!


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  1. I've never heard of this - adding it to the supply list!