Tuesday, April 24, 2012

our favorite new place to study



They looked so cute and study-licious at our new (to us) patio table.  Listening to K-love on the iPad.  Bristel in her princess dress that she insisted on wearing because we hung up a mosquito net over her bed which makes her feel like a princess.  Therefore, she must dress like one.  



It was all just so adorable that I had to grab the camera!



shoes etc 010


Of course, what you can’t see in the picture was the arguing about whether to lift the umbrella or not.  They didn’t know I could hear them.  Cue mom eye roll.



Just keepin’ it real.



Smile & Sigh.


shoes etc 011



But other than the umbrella saga, we have been LOVING the warm weather stretch and the new patio set!




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