Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trevy’s fave warm weather fine motor play-tivity: write and squirt the alphabet


This is totally not an inspired idea.  You’ve probably already seen it/done it/moved on.  But since we’re having so much fun right now I thought I’d share.



What you Need:

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Water filled squirter of your choice
  • Any chalk friend surface (opinions may vary on precisely which surfaces are chalk friendly Winking smile)
  • Children



shoes etc 016


Trevy (when I say Trevy…I really mean mommy) has been driving daddy bonkers with the chalk.  He’s drawing everywhere.  On everything.  A regular graffiti artist in the making!  Actually, we may have two or three of them in the making.  That big square that Trevy in enhancing (below) is his big brother’s chalk drawn Strike Zone.  Where he practices pitching with a tennis ball.  From approximately dawn til’ dusk.  In love


shoes etc 012




I may have rolled my eyes at the hubs’ chalk hating ways.  I also may have guilt tripped him to “let the boy write” and “the rain’ll wash it away” retorts.


shoes etc 013


Which gave me the bright idea to let TREVY wash it away!


shoes etc 014


I mean the monkey already has a passion for squirting things.  We keep a little squirty bottle ready for bed head fixes.  It is not uncommon to get misted at the most unexpected times.  And to look up and find Trevy cheesy grinning behind the weapon.  So very proud of his aim. 


shoes etc 015



So I decided to make it a little more structured by drawing the alphabet on the fence for him to wash away.  And you can get as creative as you dare.  Pull letters from a bucket and then go erase that letter.  Use words instead of letters.  Draw shapes.  Colors.  Whatever!



The bottom line is…



it’s crazy fun to squirt things!



And Trevy loooooved it!



Of course, I played therapist by making him use “two hands”.  Which he hates.  He will ALWAYS prefer his left hand only.  Forcing him to “work” did put a damper on some of the love.  But I have no doubt this’ll be his fave thing to do ALL summer long!  Especially when I randomly allow him to get in a mommy squirt too.  Smile




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  1. This is a super idea- and Trevy looks cute! We do something similar- only in the tub- we let the kids color the tub and walls with colored shaving cream and they "wash it away" with water in squirt guns! :)