Tuesday, November 15, 2011

his 5th grade workboxes





Once I get an idea in my head…


I just can’t rest until it’s done.


So after my last Workboxes of a 5th Grader post where I thought out loud about switching up his set up…I think I might have clicked publish and immediately headed out to Walmart! 



sesame place and toby's new workbox system 006


Are you as surprised as I was that the plastic filing tote thing-a-ma-bob is only five buckaroos?


sesame place and toby's new workbox system 005


I love how there is storage in the lid for all his writing and measuring essentials.


sesame place and toby's new workbox system 004


I did have to buy the hanging folders too.


sesame place and toby's new workbox system 007


It lives on top of our old workbox system.


sesame place and toby's new workbox system 008


It’s perfect, really.  He loves it.  Although, ironically, he’s not taking his work upstairs like I thought he might?  I love it.  In fact, I love it so much I’m half tempted to run out and buy one for the 1st Grader too.  That would open our IKEA system up to house Trevy’s Trays?  Hmmmmmm…



So what’s in the 5th Graders Boxes Hanging Folders lately?  Everything blue is daily work. 



  • Math - Saxon 5/4. We’re still plugging away.  And loving it!
  • English - ACE 5th Grade English.  This is a WAY better fit for him than what we were using last year (Monarch).  I love how the parts of speech are broken down and part of his daily work load.  He’s really starting to “get” it! 
  • Spelling - ACE 5th Grade Spelling.  I’m ho-hum.  It’s definitely below his ability level.  Maybe that’s why we have less tears this year? In love 
  • History - ACE 5th Grade Social Studies.  He eats up anything historical.  In fact, if you know of any good historical fiction books I can add to our reading list – do tell!
  • Civics – a workbook of the presidents from George Washington to Obama.
  • Piano – he’s learning real songs now!  I have one on video clip that I’ll have to share soon. 
  • Reading – DL Moody
  • Art – usually once a week, but we were given the opportunity to review The Gift of Love by See The Light…and we’re enjoying it so much that we’ve been squeezing art in a little more.  Have I mentioned how much I *heart* See The Light art?!  Smile
  • Creative Writing – three times weekly.  I printed little calendars with prompts of his creative writing days.  He has to write at least four complete sentences.  This month I’ve started teaching him how to use Word (sneaking in a little computer & typing practice too).  He’s enjoying it SO much more.
  • Science – once to twice a week.  Art & Science (and now French) are our do-together subs.  We just finished studying Mercury.  I’m pretty sure their fave part was making the salt dough models.
  • French – We’re doing this one together too as a TOS review.  Will be starting this week. 
  • PE – he’s on two basketball teams.  One for the town.  Plus, he was invited to be one of two non-Catholics on our local Catholic Youth Orgs basketball team.  It’s kinda prestigious to be play for them.  And he feels SO proud of himself in the uniform.  Which his confidence needed after a dud of a autumn baseball season. 



And that’s a workbox wrap for me this week.  I like to share on a weekly basis cause I’m nosy and want to see others sharing too…so I can peeks-key and idea glean!





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  1. I love how compact the new box is. I'm happy with our set up for now, but thinking about next year - high school.

  2. I want a box like that...for me! LOL

    My youngest has a small tote with his daily work. The have work binders and books are on the shelf.

  3. My kids would flip out on me if I changed their workboxes again.I personally think they would think I lost my rocker. I love the tote tho. Hummm the wheels are turning.

  4. Thanks for linking up with Workbox Wednesday! My 6th grader is standing over my shoulder begging for a workbox set up like that! :D Guess I'll be heading to Walmart.com this weekend! Thanks!

  5. That is very very nice, and has a very nice pricetag too compared to lots of setups!

  6. I. Like it we don't have room for the regular set up so going to see if in an find these here in the UK also love seeing what you are doing for 5th grader as I will have one next year