Thursday, September 1, 2011

off to the first day races!



It’s the first day of the 1st Grade and she’s at attention!


first day of school 2011 001



Until 5 minutes later, anyway!



first day of school 2011 002



Meanwhile, in a room not too far away the first day of 5th Grade is off to a great start!



first day of school 2011 003



Have I mentioned how much I love ACE?



first day of school 2011 004


In his very first PACE the idea of true worth was introduced.  Things that are really precious.   


And the very first passage of Scripture directed him to Proverbs 31.


The sweet thoughtfulness on his face as we chatted about the attributes of true beauty in his crushes should be.  Which is just so spot on, since recently he’s started to notice girls.  In fact, just last night he told me he’s learned a thing or two about pretty faces!  “They can be deceiving”!   LOL



first day of school 2011 005


I love the little green bins for turning in their completed work.


first day of school 2011 006



I was busy bee-ing.  Helping them get into the new school groove.  And sneaking in a snapshot here and there.



first day of school 2011 007


Toby is mourning having to share mommy with his sister.


He’ll get over it.



first day of school 2011 008



I’m so proud of both them! 


(um…and me too!)



first day of school 2011 009





  1. Happy first day back! (Ours is next week! Can't wait!)

  2. We had fun! There was some complaining...are all kids anti change? But we muddled through...and once they were done for the day there was lots of satisfied smiles all around!

    Have fun next week!