Friday, September 2, 2011

a week in review (or something like that)






In My Life This Week


Irene came and went without too much ruckus.  We’re two days into our new school year and we’re surviving.  So far.  Uncle B Dog’s in town.  Towing a trailer of treasures behind him.  Cleaning out of the storage unit.  In fact, the Hubs is behind me at this very moment up to his elbows in childhood trophies and collectibles.  Toby and Bristel are bidding with dimples and excitement on the various keepsakes.  Most of which are looking like will be tossed.  Perhaps the cool bean-y-est treasure is the ginormous hutch Poppie (the kiddos great grandpa who is now waiting for us with Jesus) made with his own hands.  Coincidentally, it matches our Tanzanian carved table set.  (this was shipped back to us when it became clear that our lives were being Providentially shifted back to America)



In Our Homeschool This Week


We’re getting back in the groove.  And I’m adjusting to having two at home this year.  It’s actually more fun than I anticipated because it means I can force them to play games together…and call it school!





Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing


I already mentioned Uncle B Dog.  We’re also over the moon that daddy has FOUR days in a row off with us!  Tomorrow we have a special day with the Pawsox.  Trevy is part of our local Challenger baseball league and tomorrow the kiddos get to go on the field with the players for a clinic!  Wicked cool!  I told Toby…see…there are perks to having a special needs sibling! 


:: wink ::



Fave Thing This Week


Would totally have to be this video!




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  1. Love that video! Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from THMJ

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, and you are right maybe the bug is not lost maybe my son ate Never thought of that.

    Great video thanks for sharing

  3. Fun video! (Shhhh! I watched some of the other videos as well! LOL)

    Niiice on the Pawsox!

    And yes, gone are the curls. ((sigh)) I had to comb out those beauties and for Sam it's torture (due to his SPD). But his hair grows SUPER fast! In 8 weeks we'll have curlies again! LOL

  4. Games have made all the difference in our house! Our 2nd grader hated Math until I introduced games!