Wednesday, August 31, 2011




I don’t know what go into me yesterday. 




It was errand day. 




I am so blessed to have my mom (Grams) nearby and willing to help out any time I need it.  I don’t remember when…but sometime over the last year or so she started keeping the kids for me once a week.  Errand Day. 




And usually…that’s exactly what it is. 




Trolling aisles at BJs and Stop & Shop.  All business.  Bleh.  I can’t stand food shopping.   




But yesterday something got into me. 




I didn’t buy anything practical at all. 




Instead, my wardrobe is now enhanced with a couple pairs of super cute wide legged linen pants from Lane Bryant. I couldn’t resist that beautiful “thanks for everything you do” dress for Grams either.  Especially with the additional 60% off!  A long grey skirt, a cute little tank and a lightweight coat were 75% off scores from Target!  Oh…and I finally bought those adorable red polka dotted oven mitts that I’ve been eyeing forever.  I got my hair cut too (it’s been over a YEAR!).  Regis was having a $9.95 special.  And know what?  It really doesn’t look too bad!  I spent hours just walking the aisles.  Touching this.  Studying that.  Getting absolutely nothing important done.  Just blowing a whole day. 




Errand Day somehow morphed into Me Day.   




And it was awesome! 



Of course…now the fridge is bare.  But at least I’ll look cute in wide legged linen sweet-ness when I tell the kids it’s cereal for dinner tonight!     





  1. Sounds like a fun day on your own! My parents used to do that when our girls were younger. For the last year or so, most of their house is torn up for a big remodeling project, but Dad has had too much engineering work to finish working on the electrical/plumbing, etc. Because their house is all packed up in so many rooms, it's not fun for my girls (11 and 13) to go over there anymore...and Grandma is discouraged by the whole thing, so we go over occasionally, but not the more regular times like we used to do. Thank you for coming over and leaving a comment on my website!


  2. Sounds like a fun day! My kids would love to have cereal for dinner. :)

  3. Julieanne...seriously. Best review post I've ever read! And bummer about your parents house. :(

    Tiffany...ha! They probably won't mind the cereal here either. But the mommy guilt. Oh the mommy guilt! ;)