Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Little Rhody Tour


I’m only homeschooling one this year.  My 4th Grader.  I’m getting brave next year though…and my going into 1st Grader will be joining us!  Yikes!  Trevy (our miracle boy) will remain in his special program at our local public school.  He has a wonderful Team and Program wrapped around him and for now that’s where he belongs. 


This is what Little Rhody Academy looks like currently.  (the 4th Grader is protesting the Little by the way Smile


The Classroom

Toby's Homeschool 2010-2011 (2)

The desk.  The great thing about educating at home is that you don’t really need a desk.  We’ve been known to snuggle on the couch.  Work at the kitchen island.  Or when the weather’s nice we may even head outside.  But I find the structure of having a work-place helps when he starts feeling extra distracted.  Also, two of his courses this year were web-based and the computer is just a little too big to lug around. 




The Poster Center.  One of my fave creations.  This was inspired by other bloggy mommies (I would link them in if I could remember who).  Next year’s poster will be better but what I loved about this year’s was:  The envelope where I could place special little projects, the temperature gauge and the sheet protector where I could print his week’s schedule to help us both stay on track.       




The Whiteboards.  I love whiteboards because they’re so versatile!  Especially if one is addicted to magnetic tape Smile.  I have two large boards that Grams (my mommy) scored for just $10 each at Staples.  Love her…and them!  



Toby's Homeschool 2010-2011


Parade of Nations.  He colored and posted a new flag for each nation we studied this year.  We’ll do this again for sure.    



need to organize 020



 Wall of Fame.  My fave way to post  arts n’ crafts and special projects worth  keeping on display.  They love seeing their work displayed.  And showing it off when friends or family come for a visit. 




workbox 002

The Workboxes.  We use the IKEA trofast system for our boxes.  I just discovered workboxes this winter  but fell in love immediately.  It resolved my desire for organization.  And his need for structure.  Like any good homeschooling mommy, I’ve adapted the concept to work for us!  But we’ll be keeping this system going for next year too! 


The Curriculum


Math.  We started the year using Monarch but it just wasn’t the right fit for our family.  Mid-way through the year we switched to SaxonSaxon is working well for us although I do have to confess that I randomly wonder if Math U See would be better?  We already use Math U See’s online drills for daily review.


Language ArtsMonarch again.  And again…just not right for us.  Which is why we’re also supplementing with a daily Language Skills workbook.


History & Geography.  For this subject Monarch has worked out.  He enjoys the reading and additional links.


Science.  We used and loved ACE!  I have heard other’s poo-poo ACE around the homeschooling block.  I always have to smile.  From the 4th grade through high school, I attended an ACE Christian School.  My professors in college all raved about my writing skills and other academics.  I went on to get a Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University and also served as a foreign missionary in Tanzania, East Africa.  My point being…ACE will NOT kill your kids!  Winking smile  Like every other curriculum out there it may or may not be the right fit for your family.  It worked for me…and Toby thoroughly enjoyed it this year.  We’ll be using ACE for several other subjects for next year.


Penmanship.  LOVE Horizons for Penmanship! 


Fine Arts.  Both kids take piano lessons from Grams.  We’ve also been blessed with a wonderful after school Arts program in our area that I sign them up for.  Even though it’s hosted at our local public school the administrator is actually another homeschool mommy!  So far they’ve participated in 8 week Cooking and Pottery classes.  My kids tend to be kinda shy so the classroom experience is good for them.  Plus, I don’t have to endure a messy house! 


need to organize 020 

So proud of their pottery creations!  I keep them in our living room as little “catch alls”.


Physical Education.  Toby is a year round athlete playing in Basketball, Baseball and Soccer on town teams.  Bristel has tried Ballet, Horseback Riding and Swimming.  I think she’s most partial to swimming.      


The Tools I Couldn’t Live Without


Homeschool Tracker.  Love Love Love it!  You can read more about my thoughts here.   

Painter’s Tape.  Cheap and great for sticking things to the wall without damaging the paint job! 

Library.  Ours just became fully cyber functional this year which has made my life SO much easier.  I can order books online.  I can renew them online too!  Which saves us mulah since I’m usually running behind or too scheduled to make it over there in time. 

iPad.  We bought this for Trevy but it has really become invaluable to all of us!  Toby and Bristel each have their own little app folders where I like to add and delete games for them to play.

Netflix.  Tons of educational series and shows for the kids to watch!  Every afternoon I set them up for “rest time” and let them choose from what I’ve added to the instant que.     

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