Monday, May 30, 2011

are you a Homeschool Tracker groupie too?

It only took me three years to find it. 

Holy Moly do I love this thing!  And we only have the Basic (read: freebie) Edition.  The things I find so great about Homeschool Tracker are:

The download was super easy. 

The attendance tracking is right down my easy peasy alley.  With a simple click I can mark my student(s…next year) present.  Two clicks marks them sick.  And holidays are just a couple clicks more.  SO cinchy.  Plus, the data is reflected right on the home page.  Toby is currently at 159 days attended.  Which means only 21 left to go!  Whoop Whoop!  Of course…we’ll be Math-ing, Read-ing, and Grammar-ing through the summer.  But for organizational purposes…I just love having this program with it’s click-y easy ways. 

  I haven’t figured out how to add assignments yet…but I will.  And when I do I’m sure I’ll love that tool too!

I adore the Teacher’s Journal section.  Which is where I currently log his assignments.  Lest you get the wrong idea and think I’m super organized and on the ball.  And go all “how does she do it with a Special Needs kid too?” on me.  I’m lucky to stay a week ahead of schedule.  And in true confession form…there have been times when I had NO idea what was on his education agenda when I woke up that morning to educate him!  (Now, see this is where I would be forced to remind you that I do have a Special Needs kiddo who happens to be in the throes of potty training for who knows how much longer which is totally eating chunks of hours outta my day!)  Thank God most curriculums come with lesson plans already somewhat together.  Also, Homeschool Tracker (this is totally sounding like an infomercial!) is helping me stay on top of things.  My goal is to sit down every Sunday evening and look over the upcoming week’s work.  So I go into the week ahead having a direction.  I type in each day’s assignments.  And then head over to the Reports section where it’s available to print.  I had the great idea to print the report and add it to his “poster center” like so:

to organize and blog 004to organize and blog 005to organize and blog 006 

This allows him a visual (we’re all of us Kinesthetic in this house) for the week ahead.  And because he’s a check-the-box kinda kid…I know he’ll glean joy from marking things out as they’re completed. 

Really…I can’t say enough about how much I love Homeschool Tracker.  But the kids are in bed for the night.  The house is quiet.  And Wurthering Heights (on my summer reading list) is beckoning from the book shelf.  Unless something entertaining is on TV tonight.  Cause I could handle a good old fashioned couch potato fest before next week comes crashing in.  Bringing its chaos with it! 



  1. Hmmm... now you having me RETHINKING using Homeschool Tracker. I used Homeschool Skedtrack last year. These two are the things I go back and forth on. I might not be able to resist, and try out the Tracker.

    I love your poster board set up you have... such a great idea. Something else I might have to add. :)

  2. I love Homeschool Tracker. I didn't do so well with the Basic edition but loved when I got the Plus edition. I use a lot of resources that are non-consumable so will be used for 4 children. To have lesson plans for each resource that I can schedule when they are reused every 3 years is a big plus.

    I use mine in a very mixed way, scheduling some things in advance each week and adding some things in as we do them. HST is so flexible, I love it too.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  3. Erin...I haven't heard about the program you've been using so I have no point of comparison. Buuut...I really, really have loved Tracker. Really. may have just pushed me over the edge of being ready to buy the full version!