Friday, April 29, 2011

the homeschool mother's jounal: what to do...what to dooooo

In My Life This Week 

This week is wrapping up with me feeling utterly drained.  You know how sometimes Life Drama just seems to swallow you whole?  From every direction.  Yeah.  That's how it's been feeling lately.  

In Our Homeschool This Week

Oh gosh.  Getting back into the groove after Spring Break was a tuffy.  I think Mommy needs a Spring Break to recover from Spring Break!  

After waffling for months, I finally committed.  And ordered Bristel's curriculum for next year.  She'll be primarily doing Abeka.  Mostly because we had a hefty credit on our account, I already own the teacher's manuals and we qualified for free shipping! 

Now I've gotta figure out exactly what I'm gonna do for the Going-Into-5th-Grader.  Why did I decide to be eclectic again?!   It was so much easier when I just ordered everything from one place!

Places We're Going and People We're Seeing

I had dinner out with a sweet, homeschool mommy friend this week.  We went Mexican.  And it was just wonderful.  The food.  The fellowship.  Everything!  So much so...that she and I decided we're going to try and launch a monthly Homeschool Mommy's Night Out in our area.  Yikes?!  

Fave Thing This Week 

Holding hands and walking laps with my Hubby.  Cheering my Baseball Boy (he has a 909 batting average.  I know this for a fact.  He reminds me a gazillion times a day :).  Snuggling my Binti (Swahili for daughter.  I like to randomly show off my bi-lingual-ness :)  And listening to my Miracle Boy sporadically linking two words together.  In spite of the Life Drama chewing me up and spitting me's been a sweet week.  I find that sometimes the drama helps give clarity for the blessings.  Ya know.  

What's Working/Not Working for Us

Writing.  Bleh.  He hates it.  I hate that he hates it.  We both wind up thoroughly frustrated.  I really need to find something that works for both of us. 

Homeschool Questions Thoughts I Have 

Next year's curriculum!  What to do...  What to dooooooo...

And am I totally insane to think I can actually homeschool two of them?!

These are the questions keeping me up nights.  

I thought it was hilarious that she was all bundled up in hat, mittens, and winter coat.  With bare feet!

Spring has been playing hide n' seek with us.  More hiding than anything!

But today is sunny and 60ish.

Maybe I can finally put those mittens away and she can keep naked tootsies without risking frost bite? 


  1. You dinner out sounds lovely! I'm feeling so overwehelmed. Absolutely ready for a big break!

  2. Drama IS a drain. I, literally, have a sign hanging on my front walk that says 'Entering the Drama-free zone'. I <3 it, I just wish it would work better!!

    I wanted my boy to play baseball this spring but NOOOOO... he "doesn't care about baseball" and he "will play football in the fall" so he's "Saving his energy until then" Grrr.... lol

    And my oldest daughter HATES writing too... How I wish I could find something to spark a desire to write anything in her... so if you find something that works for yall- let me know!! I'm willing to try anything!!

    Oh and one more thing... lol- I LOVE the bundled up and bare-footed pics! One of my 3yo's is convinced he still MUST bring his heavy coat EVERYWHERE... even though it's been over 80 degrees for the last oh... three weeks!! He will, really, run outside to play in nothing but a pair of underwear and his heavy winter jacket!! LOL

  3. You can do it. I homeschool two boys and it is tough but I love it too. I am an eclectic homeschooler, I love certain items here and there and I prefer it that way. I can see the fun of doing one place though.

  4. See, and I'm stressing out about trying to homeschool three. You will be fine! You've already started laying the foundation for her. Hang in there!

  5. You're not crazy to try to HS 2! We all do it! TRUST ME, if I can do it, you have nothing to worry about... :) A ton of it you can do for both of them at the same time. Not every lesson needs to be seperated. History can prob be together. So can handwriting, Music, Art, PE, prob Science... etc. :) You'll get it! :)
    Thanks for linking up and following. We're following back!

  6. Honest truth - you are not mad - it will be hard, there will be drama but it's all worth it.
    Think how much time you will spend seeing them develop and how great it will be to help them shape their lives.
    I school 4 and we do at least one group lesson a day - i.e. science experiments done together while DD6 & DD8 write them up DD4 & DD2 draw and colour in a picture about what we've just done.

  7. Thanks, girls. I love having support. I'll have to be a wimp more often just so I can illicit cheering up. :)

    I can't wait to snoop on your blogs...


  8. It's more of a challenge to homeschool multiple kids...but you can do it!!!

  9. Hi nice meeting you. I am an educator and hope you don't mind a suggestion: For you son who doesn't like to write, why not pair writing with something he does like.

    For example: Does he like music or art? There was a Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky whose artist friend died young. As a memorial the artists pictures were hung and Modest wrote music to be played at the exhibit. The pictures are now lost but the music remains. Each piece is titled. Why not listen to the music, have him draw what he thinks the picture may have looked like, and then write a story about it? The pictures include a chick ballet, an ox cart lumbering up a hill, an old gate of Kiev and many more.

    Let me know if it works.

  10. I must add that if I can do it you sure can!! Love that picture!!! What a cutie!

  11. Maybe my website can give you ideas with writing. It is Once my kids reach 4th/5th/6th grade I use Institute for Excellence in Writing. The CD's are pricey but awesome. It teaches children specific skills they should be aware of as they write - rather than jumping all around. Very methodological. I need to do more to my sight though but do not have the technical expertise. Excuse all the text and few pictures. It is a work in progress.