Monday, April 4, 2011

workboxing our style: the way we're scheduling (for today...tomorrow may be another story!)

First things First.

I am a WorkBox rookie!  I have nothing figured out...really.  Although I have been homeschooling for three years now.  Which means I've learned a few things about my self and style along the way.

For instance, I like to keep things flexible with a hint of routine.  I find my 4th Grader thrives when I give him a sense of ownership.  And fizzles when things are completely unstructured.  Kinda like his mommy... 

Which is why he and I came up with the schedule below together.

Notice each day the order of subjects changes.  We do this because we like variety.  Along with whatever extracurricular activities are planned for those days on a consistent basis.  For instance, Tuesdays happens to be our after school art program.  So I allow him to skip his least favorite subject that day - Penmanship.  Do all boys loathe writing?    

I have found a 3 subjects - 15 minute break sort of pattern works best for us.  This week anyway.  Because I have also found that as Life does our ideal structure!  I do allow movement breaks (ie. potty, snack) in between subjects as well.  He's a boy.  And he's super fidgety anyway.  He thinks better when he's had a chance to move around a little.  However, when movement breaks become too frequent or too long I use our code word...


Don't ask me why he chose that word.  My choice was an exasperated FOCUS!


He is given the freedom to choose any order he'd like to complete the 3 subjects in a row for that specific day.  Until all subjects are completed.  I do limit him to only choosing from the subjects (3 at time) in the order they are listed on that specific day.  While I am all about empowering him...I am also about teaching him boundaries too.   

Example:  On Monday he can choose to complete Reading first, Civics second and Math third.  Or reverse the order.  But he may not substitute Piano or Language Arts for any of the first three subjects.  I'm not really hung up on the order.  I'm more concerned that he's staying on task in between breaks.  But again...I want him to learn boundaries and responsibility too. As a side note:  I try to have more independent work first to build in some No Excuses Work Out Time for me first thing in the morning while the Littles are at school and not underfoot.  Only...I'm using that time to write this post!  Sheesh!  Quick...Quack at me someone!


I found this great little mini-pocket chart at a local po' man's store.  And I looooove it!  The numbers (I printed and laminated them) start on the top two tiers and he moves them down as he completes them.  There are actually 5 layers to the chart.  I even had a picture of the cards moved down...but it was sideways.  And I was too lazy to fiddle with it this morning.  Guess I'll have to do a follow up post too now!      


Just a little glimpse of how we're working out our workbox style at RLR Academy!

Here's a great link with examples of how others are workboxing too. 

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