Sunday, April 3, 2011

NO GETTING SICK...while Grams is out of town!

In My Life This Week

I have a really bad habit.  Of not looking at my week's schedule until it's...already here!  Yikes.  I keep meaning to make Sunday Evenings my - prepare for the week ahead night.  It just hasn't worked out yet.  I suppose there's just something about Sundays that makes me lazy.  I like to blame it on the whole Honor the Sabbath commandment. 


But I like this journal post link up because it forced me to pull out the planner for an earlier than norm look-see.  Surprisingly, not too much on the docket this week.  Just the usual.  School.  Out patient Therapy for Trevy. Soccer and Baseball for Toby.  Sunday School prep for me - I'm teaching through April.  We're working on a really neat lapbook that I'll be sharing here soon.  My mom and dad are off for a much needed get-away.  Which means I need to lecture the munchkins - NO GETTING SICK til Grams is home.   

In Our Homeschool This Week 

I'm still curriculum piecing for next year.  Two at home...oh my.  I never ever in a million years ever thought I'd homeschool my children.  And now? I actually enjoy it.  

We're still ironing out the kinks of the workbox system.  Making it work for us.  

But otherwise it's just another day at Little (the now 10 year old is protesting the little by the way) Rhody Academy.      

My Favorite Thing This Week Was

Hands down.  One of the best parts of homeschooling is being privy to all the hilarious things my children say.  Because children are natural comedians. 

For instance.  If I say it once...I say it a thousand times to my now 10 year old.  

I can't hold your hand 

He would love nothing more than to snuggle up all day long and do every single line of his schoolwork as a team.  But it's not realistic.  Nor healthy...when you're trying to promote some independence.  So one day last week he says:

Mom, can't you please hold my hand for Saxon today? 

Because I love when you tell me what a rockstar I am!  

He is a math whiz. I laughed and felt warm n' fuzzy all at once.  And of course I held his hand for Saxon...because...well...he'll be fully independent soon enough.  Most certainly one of my fave moments of the week!  


  1. You're right - kids are natural comedians....what would we do without them? Laugh a lot less, that's for sure!!!!

    Enjoy homeschooling this week!

    I'm now following yo :-)

  2. The laughing keeps me sane. Mostly. ;)

    Thanks for adding me to your following list!


  3. That's so funny. I love hearing the little things that are always coming out of their mouths!!!