Friday, April 8, 2011

weekly wrap-up: I survived a week without Grams!

Let's see...

I survived my mom (aka. Grams.  Or my real life Super Woman because she's always swooping in and rescuing me!) being out of town for most of the week.  I may have earned another gray hair or two.  But I'm still standing! 

We tried to finaggle outta Spring Soccer.  But the head coach called and practically begged us to keep Toby on the team.  Sigh.  He does look really cute in his uniform, though.  That helps.  But now that Spring is here (supposedly...says I, while wrapped in my winter parka) it means our evenings are eaten alive with games and practices.  Toby's playing both Little League and Competitive Soccer this Spring.  Mr. Crockpot is about to earn his keep for sure!

In other homeschool related news...

We can't wait for Spring Break!  Next week!  I mostly use our breaks to chill.  But this time I'm planning a field trip to explore Fort Barton.  We're gonna bring a nature journal, pack a picnic lunch, and hope that some friends'll join us.

The last of Trevy's annual evals were finished up.  I'm SO proud of him.  And SO blessed to call him mine. always knocks the wind outta my sails for awhile when I read his inch-stone progress in professionally written black & white.  He is rockin' the potty though.  We're averaging one tinkle accident a day.  Not too shabby for a boy with a half a brain!

Bristel is a reading machine!  Every time I start to feel a teensy bit guilty for sending her to school this year...I make her read a book with me to feel better.  I needed a respite this year.  I know that.  I have peace about it. But somehow hearing her sweet voice reading is the validation that works best.

And that's about it for us. 


  1. We have just embarked on our very first season of t-ball with our son. I hope the schedule isn't overwhelming to us all:)

  2. Ohhhh...honey. That's how they suck you in. T-ball. They look SO cute in their little uniforms. Practices are laid back and fun. Games are deliciously adorable. You're totally hook, lined, and sinkered! Ready for them to reel you in with the "hard core" Little League in a year or two! ;)

    I like to complain. But is fun and beautiful to watch your kiddo enjoying himself. Have fun!


  3. My boy's been asking to do some baseball... it'd probably be t-ball, but the practice & games schedule does NOT excite me! May the force be with you!

  4. Have to say I'm hoping my kids are not very coordinated so I dont have to sign them up for anything. Is that bad? LOL! Have a great break!!