Saturday, April 9, 2011

feel good spring cleaning

I'm not sure when it happened? 

I've always thought of myself as an IKEA girl.  Simple.  Clean.  Creative.  Minimalist. 

Somewhere along the way...I lost the IKEA thing and became a hoarder.  Yikes!  Especially with the toys.  Oh my with the toys.  I have gobs and gobs of toys.  A basement teeming with toys.  Because.  Well.  You know.  Maybe I can use those ratty old stuffies for math manipulatives?  And we've all heard the stories of surprise babies!  


I was inspired to purge after reading this post. 

I'm not going all 40 bags in 40 days with it.  I need to bite size my hoarder rehab program.


But I am starting today!

I have three little bags of gently used items that I've already posted to Freecycle.  Which by the way...if you haven't connected with your local free cycle drop everything and do so now!  It's a great resource for clothes, toys and even air conditioners!  And when you're saving mulah on the clothing means you have more to spend on the keeping them edu-ma-cated end!  

I only hope these things get claimed quick.  Before I think of a reason why I just have to keep them!


  1. Good luck! I know the hoarding sneaks up on me every couple of years.
    Janet W

  2. I think I'm feeling that end of winter cabin fever too. And seeing as we can't shake the cold feels like the walls are closing in! The up side of which is purging. :)


  3. I am a hoarder too, nice to meet you:) I have a hard time throwing things away in case I might need them again. What aids me is moving every couple of years because then I have to get rid of it:)

  4. Hi Danielle,
    I like to call myself an "organized hoarder" where I have a hard time throwing things out and when I organize my junk it doesn't look like so much stuff. But, when the kids (and my hubby and I) drag things out and leave them all over the house, I become a not so happy hoarder and overwhelmed. :) It seems that as soon as I throw something out or give it away, I end up needing it which does not help the hoarding problem! I'm glad you have been able to clean things up! It is so freeing to let go of things, I need to get better at it for sure :) Thank you for linking up to NOBH! Also, I read a little about your sweet miracle son and watched some of the video clips you posted on your other blog. May God continue to bless you with little miracles along this journey that you have been on with your family! You have a beautiful family!

  5. takes a special mommy to handle the uprooting every couple years! I know. I played that game for the first 9 years of our marriage!

    Tracy...ha! I love it! Organized Hoarder. It's brilliant. :) And it made me all sappy that you took some time to read Trevy's story. He IS a miracle boy. Thanks!