Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sneak peek our workboxing

Quick confession:  I'm a newbie workbox-er.

Which means I'm still fiddling around and figuring out what works for us.  But it didn't take me long to fall head-over-heels for the workbox concept.  Being a Kinesthetic Learner myself...the organized hands-on approach is right up my alley.  I also happen to be an IKEA lover.  Because who isn't, really?  I couldn't resist using my b-day mulah (compliments of my MIL & Super Grams) to run right out and buy this puppy.  The IKEA Trofast system.  (click here to get all the deets)  Speaking of clicking for all the deets.  I have all of our current curriculum linked on the side bar.  In case you're like me and enjoy exploring what others are doing.     

It's cute.  And I love it.  I'm going to (eventually) label the drawers with the names of each child.  My 4th Grader owns the green bins (for now).  My K (who is not homeschooled this year but will be next) has the middle drawers.  Even though she's not homeschooled, it works great to store her reading, craft, and piano materials.  And the baby (who's really not a baby anymore) gets the 2 drawers on the left.  He's also not homeschooled.  Maybe someday?  I certainly think about it often.  (you can read his miracle story here)  But right now he's in a wonderful class and I have successfully advocated a great program to wrap around him chalk full of the therapies and equipment he needs to thrive. But because I'm fully invested in helping him make as much progress as possible his drawers are filled with various activities for us to have, what I like to call, "BackYard Therapy" at home! 

But back to Toby.  Or Captain Slugger.  Smile.  He's the hardcore workboxer.  Being homeschooled n' all.   

I've posted before about our day-to-day schedule.  Also, I put 2 subjects into each bin to maximize space and make me feel better about spending a pretty penny to get the "set up of my dreams".

First up:  Saxon Math & Civics (he's allowed to cherry pick which to complete first in each drawer) 

We're using AOP's Monarch (internet based) History & Geography this year.  I made a little card to place in the workbox for him.  He lost it.  Boys.  Sigh.   

Next up:  Piano (which he's rocking for a rookie!) and Reading.  We just borrowed the next book, The Silver Chair, in the Chronicles of Narnia saga from our library.  

He was cuddled up on the couch with it during this photo shoot.  

I couldn't resist sharing.  Cause I think he's really cute.  Point of interest:  we're currently accepting applications/resumes of potential future ladies.  He doesn't know, though.  He'd be totally grossed out.  Girls still have cooties when you're (homeschooled and) 10.  


Next:  Language Arts & Language Skills.  Again...we're using Monarch for LA.  Surprisingly he hasn't lost that card yet.   Gotta admit.  I'm not that impressed with Monarch for LA. 

Grammar is our tuffy subject.  Which prompted me to purchase an additional workbook for extra practice. 

I don't like loose papers floating around.  So everything that would otherwise be homeless goes into a folder.  I put a weeks worth of sheets in at a time.  Corrections (he has lots of those) goes into the left pouch and must be completed first. 

I also found this wonderful editor's wheel at Super Teacher Worksheets.  My fave online go-to.  Click here to print one of your own. 

But be warned.  I think I love it more than he does. 

Next Up:  Science (we're using ACE this year) and Penmanship (I love Horizon's) 

The last drawer is our Freebie File.  I keep his magazines, Seek & Finds, Madlibs, and what-not in there. 

So that's a peek at our workboxing.  I'd love to peek at yours!  Leave a comment with a link and I'll pop over when I can.  You know, when I have two minutes to rub together...

ps. If you know of a link up site, please share.  Because the more...the merrier!



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  2. made me smile. Yeah...this is my "other mommy" blog. :)

    xoxo back at ya


  3. Your workbox system looks great! We tried it, as I would love to do it, but Noah just didn't take to it at all. By the way, love the t-shirt Toby's wearing. Noah colors his t-shirt all the time. Too funny.

  4. That's the luxury of homeschooling can wrap the system that works best around your child! I love that!

    Oh...and Toby is SO proud of that shirt! It's Redskins...he wears it ALL the time!


  5. I love the reading photos. Now I'm off to check out the editing wheel,