Wednesday, May 22, 2013

our day in pictures



Thanks to a tip from another homeschool mom we’ve been starting our mornings each day with CNN’s Student News.  Bristel didn’t want her picture taken because she still had bedhead.

Today’s episode covered the weather in OK.  The kids and I took some time to pray together.  It’s always precious praying with them…


This (above) is my Morning Meeting Basket. Our morning meetings are a time to connect & review before the day begins. Some things I have in my basket are: mini-white boards for Scripture review or just review games in general; colored whiteboard markers; American Flag for the Pledge; Brain Quest cards for fun; Binder with odds n’ ends; Index card binder with hand written things to review; Random other review-ish things.  I like to have a theme for each day of the week…but now that summer is closing in we’re all ready to just be done.  So I’ve just been flying by the seat of my pants.


Even though summer is comin’…I finally got my hands on a copy of Sue Patrick’s book this week.  I LOVE the workbox system on so many levels and reading through the book re-energized me again.

**her e-book is half priced right now**


So I spent the weekend cleaning out my school closet and creating new workbox tags for the kids.


Including a Question Mark Flag which they can pop into play-doh whenever they have a question for me rather than just leaving their seats all.the.time.

I have promised to check-in frequently.


And so far it’s working WONDERFULLY!

Other than Toby whistling and/or loudly drumming on the table for my attention.  That’s plucking me nerves…I may have to limit the number of questions allowed per day like Sue Patrick recommends!


Bristel thought her popsicle stick was too boring so she added some bling using left-over gold pieces from a mosaic kit.  Her girly girl styles makes me smile!

Toby wasn’t thrilled that she be-dazzled his too and made us remove them all!  LOL


My new love – repositionable spray glue!  I found mine at Michael’s for around eight bucks.


I sprayed it on poster board to make a Latin vocab review game.  I’ll be using it for LOTS of review games since we can just keep sticking and unsticking!

I also used it instead of velcro to make the kids workbox cards.  I’m hoping it works out because I’m a fan of LESS bulk!


The kids have both been daily doing Xtra Math, a free math fact practice website, for the past week and I’m definitely seeing improvement.



All my online reading program memberships have expired, so I have Bristel reviewing phonics with this nifty McGuffey app.  I’m using the lite version right now but I’m really REALLY liking this app for her AND for Trevy!  I may just have to purchase the full thing…


I couldn’t resist sharing my fan set-up.  It was stinkin’ hot yesterday…and we have these really weird shaped windows that are too small for regular window fans but too big for smaller fans.  Enter Duct Tape: the everything fixer!


On a super personal note, Life has been really stressful lately. 

Trevor’s seizures have been crazy.  He’s been having drug interactions that could KILL him and HAVE caused some really scary episodes of balance and consciousness loss.  So we’ve been fiddling with meds…never fun.  I hate the med-merry-go-round.  But it’s a necessary evil when your child has a form of catastrophic epilepsy.  We almost had an admission…also never fun.  Even when it’s canceled.  We were packed and ready to head out the door when the neuro called to change plans on us…for a valid reason.  But we were already so emotionally invested that we still had to deal with a touch of “hospital hangover”.  And it’s just been chewing up our hearts.  The way life with a chronically sick child does.

This has caused me to actively search for ways to add more PEACE.

Some days that means “unschooling”.  Because I can’t gather my wits about me.

Some days it means staying in my favorite pink sweat pants from dawn til’ dusk.  Don’t you teach better in sweats?!

Some days it means spending awhile in the Word and prayer.  My Mother’s Day zero gravity chair is a great place for that! 

Today it was the Instrumental Praise station on Pandora.  The kids feel like the music is too sad.  But for me…it’s peaceful!  And I need more PEACE!  I let them change the station on breaks…Toby is a huge fan of the Newsboys station.


On the subject of Peace.  And the lack thereof.  It seems like the kids attitudes go to pot at exactly the wrong time.  I’m sure it’s partly because they feel the stress oozing from their parents.  And that’s how they deal.  But they’ve been at each other’s throats for weeks…and I’ve done more yelling and crying and well, just bad parenting moments than I care to confess.  And it’s just been not working on any level.

So another peace-chasing thing I’m trying is having a “Scripture Station” at the kitchen island every morning.

My goal is less yelling and more (penmanship, grammar &) character building.  When I feel my blood pressure elevating…I (mostly) send them to copy pre-chosen verses.


Both of my kids are really LOVING FreePianoLessons4Kids.  They think Mr. Hoffman is a great teacher and he must be because he’s keeping them engaged!

They also take lessons with Grams.  But it’s been hard to fit them in lately so I’ve been supplementing with this program.


Bristel’s Language is Abeka this year.  I’ve been letting her say some things out loud to me.  If she makes a mistake she’ll have to write it out for extra practice.  It’s been a great motivator for her to try and remember her phonics rules!  Oh and I’ve black board painted just about every school surface in our house too!  It’s SO handy.  See the bank she and I worked on before she wrote her paragraph?  I highly recommend going a little blackboard paint crazy every now and then.  It’ll make you feel so “teacher-y”.





  1. You guys are so productive even in the midst of chaos! I'm so sorry to hear that Trevy is having problems. Praying that everything works out with all the changes and no more bad side effects!

    1. I hate the times when things are unsettled - and prayers are so very much appreciated!



  2. I really hope things settle down for Trevy very soon. It must be so hard for you all.
    You are still so busy though! Those piano lessons look excellent, I'm going to give them a try for Hannah who is trying very hard to teach herself to play!