Friday, May 10, 2013

a day in the life (homeschool picture marathon style)



I thought it would be fun to take pictures randomly through one of our days this week.  These pictures don’t reflect everything that happened during our day.  Just the stuff that made me smile.


Bristel with her “Abeka Academy” class for Math and Language Arts.


Toby sweatin’ to Saxon 7/6.


Bristel is such a SLOB with her desk during our school day!  This is how she left it during her break time.


My grading bin is there because I sit beside her and look over their turned in work.  She pays better attention to the videos if I’m sitting with her.


Oh the irony that his space is neater!


Toby is looooooving Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool for his English.  In fact, next year we’ll be using EP a lot more. 


I had these set out to laminate.  Um.  Yeah…they’re still sitting on the table where I left them a few days ago.


Bristel was kind enough to warn everyone that there was a hornet in the mudroom.



I was astonished to find her bike neatly propped up!  She loooooves riding her bike during her break times but usually just drops it any ol’ place in the yard.

I didn’t catch a picture but Toby is often found working on his pitching finesse or shooting hoops during his break times.


She also decided to start a garden.  I’m guessing she must have been inspired by peeking at some of my recent pinning?




Notice the browning de-seeded apple below.  I couldn’t help but notice where she found the seeds.  She thinks she’s growing me some apple trees in the backyard. 


We discovered that Trevy got into her school work.


I guess he’s not a fan of Math.  In love


She had a sweet spirit about it though and laughed while she erased his scribbles.


Probably because she knew I was going to find her hidden message on our chore chalkboard.  Smile with tongue out





  1. My daughter and Bristol must have been cut from a similar mold! I am forever reminding her to pick up after herself and use the kick stand on her bike! :O)

    1. She drives me nuts with the bike! But then she's getting exercise sooooo...


  2. Samantha would have loved for Trevy to get a hold of some of her school work and scribble on it! LOL I love Bristel's warning about a hornet in the mudroom. Samantha planted apple seeds too.
    Your using the Easy Peasy? How is it? I have decided most of what I am using for next year already but I was thinking of trying out Easy peasy for English.

    1. Oh Jen...I LOVE Easy Peasy! I'm going to have both of the kids using various parts of it next year. English and Computer and Foreign Language for sure!


  3. I loved seeing your day! Great post x

  4. :snicker: Trevy! Not sister's math! LOL (I've got a new blog:

    1. Consider yourself added to my blog-roll! ;)


  5. I love it! I need to look into the Easy Peasy for next year. My daughter has always written me notes like that! You look as if you are one super organized mama!

    1. Ha! Totally NOT super organized! But I do thrive better in we have a fairly regular rhythm to our days. Partly because we HAVE to get most of our studies done BEFORE Trevy gets home from school. It's too hard to do much once he's home.

      My hubby was able to snag the pallets at his work. Have you heard of free-cycle? I LOVE free-cycle. I bet if you posted a request someone would have one laying around!