Friday, February 1, 2013

just in case you were wondering…YES, we STILL LOVE our Nickel Bed Tent!



I can think of just two things (okay, maybe three if you include a trip to see Mickey Mouse) that we’ve purchased for Trevy over the years in which our love for said thing has grown rather than diminished over time.



His iPad.  We are addicts now!



And his Nickel Bed Tent!





When Trevy learned how to climb out of his bed over the summer…chaos and sleepless nights ensued!



The Nickel Bed Tent swept in like a multi-colored super hero to bring peace and sweet, sweet SLEEP back to our home.  Six months later…we’re still big fans!




We haven’t bought a bed frame yet.  But Trevy doesn’t seem to mind.  His mattress is actually a super thick tempurpedic topper.  I lay in there with him to read books or play with his iPad.  It must be comfy because he’s usually shouting at me to “wake up”!




We started out using the book rings to clip the zipper shut.  But book rings have a tendency to lose their grip after being opened and closed too often.


It didn’t Trevy long to figure that out!




So we switched to these (above) great little clippy things which are working fantastic!  I bought them at AC Moore for $5.


Hint:  Be sure to clip the INNER (see above again) holes of the zipper.  Otherwise your little smarty pants may figure out how to separate the zippers and pull them inside the tent.  He might then figure out how to unclip the clippy.  He may then even figure out how to unzip himself and surprise you downstairs looking very proud of himself indeed!




The only thing that bothers me is how saggy the front is from climbing over it to get in the bed.  I have no idea if there is a way to tweak the design to leave a flat opening at the bottom but that would be awesome!  Then we could sit on the edge of his bed rather than always climbing in with him (which only adds to the saggy I’m sure).  Thinking about it…maybe a thicker mattress would help?  But then we’d lose some head space and I like how roomy it is inside.






Bottom line is we LOVE it!  It works for our family.  And for $159 buckaroos it was easy on our budget too!




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  1. Thanks for posting this. I needed to hear from a mommy before I made this purchase! Thanks again!