Wednesday, January 30, 2013

my new easy peasy show me your work before you cross it off set up



I have created and tried ALL sorts of schedules.  We’ve checked boxes, moved pictures, crossed out subjects.  I’ve created templates in Excel.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Excel before?  I’ve tracked down free clip art and pasted it into Word documents.  Printed and laminated a plethora of systems.


Nothing has really stuck.



It hasn’t stuck because it’s been TOO complicated!  A running theme in my life is complicating things that don’t need to be complicated!  I am a chronic complicator!



The thing is…the kids have been getting a little (little as in a lot) lax lately.  And I literally have to check on every.single.thing to make sure all of their work is completed each day.  It has been exhausting!



Isn’t there saying out there somewhere that mommy’s exhaustion gives birth to invention?  Wink wink.




In a moment of desperation I hand wrote what I wanted them to accomplish each day.



Typed it in Excel.



And printed it out.




The lines dividing the days are actually hand drawn in because I was too exhausted to figure out how to add grid lines with the program!



I glued hers to pink construction paper and his to orange.  Laminated.  Taped them to MY desk.  And told them from now on they need to show me their completed work before they can mark off (with dry erase markers) that it’s done for the day!



Why have I never thought to have it on my desk before!?  Seriously.  It keeps in fresh in my mind and makes it easy to see at a glance where we’re at for the day!





It helps keep them accountable.



It helps keep ME accountable.



AND an added perk is that it made it super easy for Daddy-o to fill in when I was down for the count with the tummy bug on Monday!





  1. Awesome! I've done the same - did one complicated thing after another...and we always end up with the white board. I just write down daily assignments and we put a little check next to things completed in different colors (one color per day). Sometimes EASY is the best!

  2. That is brilliantly easy! I never would have thought of that myself!