Wednesday, February 13, 2013

her 2nd grade workboxes


Most of her work lives inside of here…




…but there are always those extra things (like swim class Winking smile) that don’t fit. 






We use Abeka dvds for Math and Grammar.  She’s getting to be a pro at the bottom bigger borrow concept. 


I also have her do daily fact drills with Big IQ kids.


Now that she’s getting into adding and subtracting more advanced numbers I need to beef up her drilling practice.  I’d really like to add math fact songs into her routine to help with that.  There’s an app for thatSmile with tongue out 


Language Arts



For phonics she’s using Abeka’s Letters & Sounds 2 which complements the videos.  Abeka is VERY drill/memorization heavy with lots of special sounds and rules to remember.  It’s hard work but as I’ve spent more time with the program I really, really love it!  But, this is one subject that she is not ready to be independent with yet.  It’s too easy to day dream during the teaching video!!  I do some grading/planning beside her during the video portion and then we work together on her seatwork. 


Special sounds or rules that she struggles with on her test I’ve been having her write three times.  We’re also working harder on memorizing those special sounds!


Language is also Abeka.  She’s beginning to learn punctuation & capitalization rules.  And some simple sentence structure.





She’s using Spelling Workout B and Spelling City.  I add her spelling lists to Spelling City.  Every day she does a page in her workbook plus plays at least one game on Spelling City.


I also count her texting friends with her iPod addiction as informal spelling work!  In love 




She’ll keep doing a daily Reading Kingdom lesson until our subscription runs out. I’m on the fence about renewing it. We’ll just have to see what the budget is like this summer!

She’s also following Abeka’s reading program.



At least once a week


We have Magic School Bus kits that we do on occasion.  They have inspired in her a passion for experimenting!



She was mixing various samples together to see what would happen.





But her main Science is Abeka’s Enjoying God’s World.



3 times a week


We do History & Geography together.  Three days a week we gather for Mystery of History.






15 minutes piano practice each day plus one 30 minute lesson each week with Grams.




She gets her exercise during a weekly swim class and ice skating.


We do Latin together once a week.


She has an amazing opportunity to be part of the cast of Suessical the Musical!  That means practice three times a week!  There is singing and dancing and being on stage.  LOVE this for her!  Such a great experience.


I’ve also decided to have the two big kids take turns preparing a healthy lunch for everyone.  To be honest, I’m a lazy lunch mom and usually just let them help themselves to whatever they want.  Mostly, it’s because once Trevy gets home everything is chaos.  But I had the bright idea to have one of them take care of the little brother so I could work with the other one…I realized I could use the time better!


I’m calling it Health AND Home Ec. In love




Whoever is not cooking with me is watching the little brother –  and trust me, that’s a workout too!




Today she learned how to make tortilla pizzas with applesauce on the side.








that’s a little peek into her workboxes for now.  Again, not everything lives in the workbox.  But most of the books and worksheets do.  I LOVE the workbox system for keeping us organized!





  1. This all looks wonderful!!! I LOVEEE your boxes for their studies. We are using Abeka for Math & Language right now and I really like them as well. We will be transferring over to Seton for next year.

    1. So you made the jump fully?! Hooray!

      I know that I know that I're gonna be awesome at this!