Wednesday, February 13, 2013

100 Day Project



Sometimes I think my creativity just shriveled up and died awhile ago.



Fancy projects like 100 Day creations just totally stump me now.  Even with lots of FaceBook friend ideas too!



I mean, seriously, why did the thought of gathering 100 things together throw me for loop?!






Trevor’s project was due today.  Late yesterday inspiration struck!





A 100 cheerio Mickey Mouse hot glued onto construction paper!




Trevy LOVES it!


I had him write his signature with stickers and sent it off to school in a box.  So as not to be crushed.


Oh and the PTO sent home a hat to decorate too.  That came easier.  I just gave him 100 hugs & kisses (xoxoxo) and sent him on his way!  I was going to put 99 xo-s on the hat and one lipstick kiss on his cheek but daddy thought that was too cheesy.  In love


1-Trevor 100 Day Project




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