Wednesday, October 31, 2012

there may be a hurricane outside, kids, but school is still IN!



Monday, even though Trevy was home with us, we managed to have a regular school day.



Tuesday, I made the executive decision to call a “Hurricane Day”.  Which the kiddos took to mean no school.



Only what they don’t realize is that even though our books stayed closed…they were still learning.



We stood outside to feel Sandy’s windy punch.


When it was safe, we drove around to assess the damage.  There is something absolutely breathtaking when you see whole trees snapped right in half.


They learned that mommy doesn’t just enjoy coffee…she NEEDS coffee.  Even if we have to drive to the next State over (which btw is within walking distance!) to find a Dunkin that was open for business!


We were in the dark for over 24 hours.  We’d learned a thing or two about surviving without electricity when we were in Tanzania…but the kiddos memories of that are fuzzy.  So they relearned how to use a battery radio and play board games by candle light. 



We were Hurricane Learnin’. 



Thankfully, our power was restored more quickly than we though.  At one point, we were told to expect no power for 5 days!  Even for x-African missionaries…that was daunting!  I guess National Grid was setting the bar low…so we could be pleasantly surprised when they powered us back up just over 24 hours later.  Yes, we happy giddy danced when it came back on!



Now…it’s back to our regularly schedule programming for us.  With lots of thoughts and prayers over our friends to the south who were hit a lot harder than we…




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