Sunday, September 9, 2012

one of these is not like the other



Visual schedules are a pain in the boot, if you ask me.







They really do work for Trevy.  He really responds to full communication.  So we use a morning schedule to help remind him of what’s happening and/or going to happen.  Not that he’s always happy about it, mind you. 



Like the other day when he was absolutely refusing to brush his teeth.  I pointed at his handy dandy picture schedule and reminded him that it was indeed time to brush teeth.  He gave me the stink eye and proceeded to rip the “brush teeth” card off and shove it into the all done pocket. 



He was totally thinking, Take that!



I laughed and told him nice try.  Now get over here and brush those teeth!



I was too busy to find the card and put it back up.  It stayed blank for several days.  Until I found it replaced by…



Photo: Trevy Punked.  See that candy picture?  Guess  what should be there instead...



Seriously.  How funny is this boy?! 






Oh the hilarious poetic irony to replace brush teeth with candy!



It may have just been the first card he grabbed.  I wasn’t actually there when he did it.  And daddy doesn’t remember for sure.  But I do know a couple things.  1)  He has a serious sense of humor and 2) there was no way he was gonna put brush teeth back on the schedule!



Yep, we’ve been Trevy Punked again.  In love




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