Monday, September 10, 2012

a peek at how I’ve tweaked our daily schedules this year



I was going to try and do my scheduling and lessons for the week on Saturday night.  Since the Hubs is busy working on his sermon anyway.  But alas…I was way too zonked!



So it’s looking like Sundays are just gonna stay my “get it done” day.



I like a picture schedule for Bristel.  She’s in 2nd Grade and it works for her.  I am doing something new this year though.


I used to have just one grid.  Do you have any idea how tedious it was to have to reset her schedule every night?  If you do I know you’re with me on the “ugh” factor.


So I got smart!


And printed up Monday – Friday grids (you can find it over at Homeschool Creations).  So I can give her a whole week’s plan all at once.  Ahhhhh! 


Because she’s into a plethora of things I have a different theme for each day.  Owls, unicorns, horses, baby animals and flowers.


I used Open Office and created 1.50” x 1.50” frames.  It takes some work to line them up but I find it easier to work with than a spreadsheet.  Next, I surfed around online for freebie clipart.  Laminated everything.  (Hint: when laminating small pieces try using a dollop of clear glue stick to hold all those bitty pieces in place)  Added my fave Tombow glue.  It’s awesome because you can use it two ways.  Permanent bond…or let it dry until it’s tacky which lets you stick and restick stuff!  Tombow glue is on my must have list!  (Hint: it’s easier to add the glue before cutting all the bitty pieces out)  And wha-lah! 


She has a super cute M-F schedule which I can preset every Sunday.  She’ll just move a card to the backside of that day as she completes her work.


(Last Hint:  if you do something similar be sure to make some extra cards because you’ll inevitably add something to the schedule and it’ll make your life so much easier to already have an empty card on hand!  Trust me!)




Toby’s in 6th Grade and the picture schedules just don’t do it for him anymore.  But he really likes the daily calendar I’m using instead.  I found it in the Target dollar bins too!  I write his daily (skeleton) schedule out for him and add post it notes with further instructions as needed.  I hope to have him writing it out himself by the end of the year.  He crossed off tasks as he completes them.  I’m really liking the written schedule too because it allows me to go back and fill in my teacher’s journal more thoroughly.



There ya have it!



A peek at how I’m trying to help the kiddos (ahem…and mommy) stay on task this year. 



Happy Homeschooling!



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