Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thomas Jefferson Education’s - This Week in History (a TOS review)



Because I have this thing about honesty.  The thing where I always have to tattle on myself.  To my own hurt, my mom used to say.  Because I have this thing about honesty…



I must confess right up front that I was totally unprepared for just how much I was going to LOVE…








There was definitely some “like I really need someone to do this for me” inward eye rolling happening.



I mean, I have Google.



And an iPad.  Surely there’s an app for that.  Right?!



The thing is…



This Week in History (Thomas Jefferson Education’s subscription program; $9.99 month) is just so darn AH-mazing and rich and well done and…!  I was totally not prepared to be so twitterpated!  I left my homeschool mommy heart unguarded and I just keep falling more in love!  Read some samples before you snicker at me too much!  Or how about Thomas Jefferson Education’s 7 Keys of Great Teaching article.



AH-mazing, right?!



  Once a week, I gathered my kiddos (ages 5, 7, 11) on the couch with the iPad and we scrolled through This Week in History’s email digest together.  Learning together.  Enjoying classics like Louie Armstrong together.  Imagining what it would be like to be Neil Armstrong or climb the hills of San Francisco together.  Found ourselves feeling cultured by listening to Fiddler on the Roof together.  Or discussing the heaviness of the life of young Anne Frank together.  Our favorite…laughing at the humorous stuff together.  Serenading each other with poetry together.  Pretending to be Annie Oakley together!



One of my very favorite things about keeping my children at home is the beauty of learning together!



This Week in History makes learning together so rich, interactive, beautiful and easy (gosh, I need easy)!   Also, there is just something exciting about knowing that really cool stuff happened on this very day many, many years ago.



I know it may be a bit on the pricey side for some of us homeschool moms.  We live on a single income too.  But when I think about all the printer paper and ink (and precious TIME!) I’ve wasted trying to make up my own version of This Week in History?  I might actually save money!  Maybe think about just subscribing for the summer break?  It would be a fun and unique way to keep learning!



What can I say?  I’m in love with This Week in History!










**This is my little space to disclaim that I was given a This Week in History subscription in exchange for my honest review shared on my blog.  All opinions expressed are my honest own.  I hope that you enjoyed and found my review at least a smidge helpful.  Because my voice is just one, I highly encourage you to read what my fellow TOS Crew friends thought about this product.**


  1. Lol! Twitterpated! The perfect word for it!

    1. don't think less of me but it made me giddy just TO GET A COMMENT on a review! :P