Tuesday, July 3, 2012




Trevy comes from his bath wrapped in a towel.


Pauses in the middle of the living room. Looks around. And with no warning throws the towel off and stands there in his "Roman Glory" with his fists in the air shouting...


Pow-ah Wange-ahs!


Trevy Speak for Power Rangers. :P





Trevy still has a crooked smile from his surgery. He probably always will. It's adorable and him. So he smiles at Toby who says to me...


His smile may be broken...


but his love for us isn't.


And his smile is one of the most special things about him.


Um. Yeah. I cried.





I’d just washed Trevy’s hair and Toby offers to be his “hair stylist”.  In true big brother form he starts mussing up Trevy’s un-curls.


No no no no


Trevy protested




We’re pretty sure he meant to say he wanted a MOHAWK since he was squeezing his hair down the middle of his noggin trying to make one!





Bristel had a fat lip so I gave her Carmax to treat it.  She said her lips felt funny.  I told her the medicine makes your lips tingle.  She then asked…


Are there any medicines that make your ears twitch?






Me: Tobin, your dresser drawers are atrocious!


Toby: I know. I need to clean them.


Me: Um, yeah, like right now!


Toby: What?! Right now?! I'm not free until 3:30 on Saturday!






Bristel says her peanut butter and jelly tortilla really cheered her up. 









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