Saturday, June 16, 2012

where my free app finds will be living


1-1st day with our iPad (2)


If you’ve read my blog for any length of time then you know how much I adore my iPad…




2-1st day with our iPad (10)


and how much I love finding free apps!

Big fan of free apps, I am!




I have SO much fun sharing great finds with everyone I know too!



3-1st day with our iPad (11)

But to be honest, it’s a pain in the boot to post them on my blogs.


It’s much easier to post them to FaceBook.







if you’d like to keep seeing my free app finds you’ll have to scootch over to my Raising Little Rhodies fan page and give me a “like”!



It’ll make me warm n’ fuzzy plus your FaceBook feed will be filled with freebies!



I also recommend subscribing to Digital Story Time’s daily digest.



Happy Saturday, everybody!




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