Sunday, June 17, 2012

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In my life this week…


It’s been an emotionally tough week.  I share most of my Trevy drama over at Happy Being Trevy.  My place to spill my guts about living and loving a child with catastrophic epilepsy.  I have a support network there who walk this crazy road beside me.  I don’t scare them with my special needs mommy-ness. Winking smile  This is really more my space to share homeschooling stuff.  I guess I decided to separate these thoughts because I don’t currently homeschool Trevy?  Or maybe it’s just because I need a place to not talk about epilepsy unless I want to.  And it’s not really that I want to now.  It’s just been an emotionally draining week.  After several looooong years we were finally given the green light to wean one of his meds.  Topomax.  Known to speech delay.  We’re doing a very slow wean but already seeing wonderful growth in his speech!



And also seeing extra seizure activity.



It’s funny how a couple of moments during the week can color the whole of it.  He only seized a couple times.  A drop in the bucket of what we once lived.  But somehow it made everything feel heavier.  More daunting.  And summer break can’t come soon enough.



In our homeschool this week…


Speaking of summer break.  I’m such a freak about finishing what we started.  So the idea of us not completing every single book we’ve been working in this year (which IS possible)  is hanging over me like a dark cloud.  Although I did read a wonderful blog this week that has been swirling around my heart.  In my head, I know that we never stop learning around here anyway.  But I have this thing about finishing the books.  Ugh.


At the very least, we need to paint that dang volcano.  When the Magic School Bus Science Kits were on sale through Living Social or Groupon (I can’t remember) I subscribed to them.  Not being a super crafy mom, it took several weeks (and quite a bit of begging) to finally work up the umph to break out the volcano kit.  And my oh my did we have a little insanity around here!  One kid was making up “I love ewie gooey” songs.  One was complaining about how it felt and wiping it in the grass with disgust.  And another was trying to paper mache the dog – who in turn was trying to lick the volcano like we starve her!  I’ll be darned if we don’t paint and erupt that thing after all the crazy it took to get it built!  Next time, I’ll take a tip from a friend who uses play dough instead!  In love



Helpful tips to share…



I just found Pisca and am loving it! 






I was looking for something to help me add water marks to my pictures.  It’s something I’ve thought about off and on for a while and finally found the time to root around online a little.  I picked Pisca because it’s FREE!  I’m a big fan of freebies!



Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…



It feels like we’re running all.the.time!  Trevy started a new (home-based) therapy four days a week.  Bristel and Trevy are participating in an awesome art & movement class!  We have Special O.  Toby has baseball, baseball and more baseball.  We’ve got several field trips lined up and summer camps are right around the corner!  Basketball for Toby and if I can swing it – a creative sewing class for Bristel.  Maybe Gymnastics too.



My favorite thing this week…



We were treated to a VIP viewing of the air show by Make A Wish.  Trevy is a little rock star with our local Make A Wish!  Seriously…everyone knew us!!!  They were all so sweet and gushed over his beautiful eyes.  Have you ever been to an air show before?  Um…EAR PLUGS!  Yowzers!  Trevy has some sound sensory issues and we did have to go wait in our car until the jets were done and it was time to meet n’ greet with the flight crew.  But it was a super special day…made even more special because daddy was able to join us!



typing review pics, bristel workbox pics, volcano pics, air show pics



I’m reading…



Actually…I just finished reading Romancing Miss. Bronte.  It’s a historical fiction novel centered around the life of Charlotte Bronte author of my all time favorite read – Jane Eyre.  There is some PG13ish material at the end…but being an Eyre lover I ate this book up!



A video to share…






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