Tuesday, June 19, 2012

when you little give a girl a cardboard box



Bristel is my Kinesthetic.  My crafty girl.  Glitter lover.  Day dreamer.  She loves all things hands on and super creative.  So when she asked me, eyes a twinkle, if she could use the box I was getting ready to throw in recycling – I said sure. 



When you give a little girl a cardboard box…



She’s going to build a…



1-bristel's cardboard doll house 001



new Barbie house, of course!



2-bristel's cardboard doll house 002



I wish film could have caught the happy glow radiating from her.  She was SO proud of her creation.  She even cleaned up her mess!  And I have to say, I was pretty proud of her too!  It was too cute not to share!





  1. Great idea Bristel, that is really good!
    Hannah loves to make things with cardboard boxes as well - last week she made a build-a-bear car. She doesn't clean up her messes though!!

    1. I couldn't help laughing at the non-cleaning up of messes! I have two of those types here so I feel your pain! :)


  2. So cute!! She is so creative and I love that she cleaned up her mess too. Good job Bristel!