Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trevy’s potty and morning picture schedule



I cannot take credit for the super cool picture schedules you’re about to be amazed by…



although I certainly inspired their creation during Trevy’s home based ABA intake.  The one where I might have confessed that I’m just this side of throwing in the potty training towel.  And mighta sorta griped about how difficult mornings have become.  Trevy used to love going to school.  Now it’s like fighting wild animals.  Yes, I meant the plural form there.  He just wants to stay home.  With mommy.  And his BFFs.  Toby and Bristel.  And he makes sure we know it! 



And really, I can’t blame him.



But he needs to go to school (for now).  Miss. BCBA agreed.  And created these handy dandy visual schedules. 



squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 020



They both live on the wall in the bathroom.



The potty schedule is a solid laminated strip.  We use the pictures to help remind him of all the steps involved with potty time.  I am desperately hoping the added reinforcement will help it “click” for him.



squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 021


The morning schedule has removable pieces with velcro tabs on the back.  All laminated as well.  The schedule flows downward and ends with a little pocket to hold the cards.  Very handy.  On the pocket lives three little squares for “All Done” rewards.  The idea is that once his schedule is completed he can choose one of his reward cards.



We’re all hoping that having a visual reminder of the various events leading up to school will help ease the transition trauma some. 



squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 023



Sometimes Boardmaker pictures are creepy!  Like that brushing teeth one!  LOL



His favorite reward of the moment is snuggling with mommy!



Oh…and he also keeps removing the bathroom picture at the top (we always take him potty first thing in the morning) and replacing it with a reward picture of some kind instead.



Pretty smart, that boy!



Speaking of…here’s a hilarious moment



squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 022



I’ve been letting him just run around in a pull up now that it’s so warm.  It makes all things potty-ish easier.  Well, the other day Miss. ABA is prompting him to go potty.  We’d made it to the bathroom.  But he was being…um…how do they say it?  Oh yeah…non compliant.  I prefer cheeky.  But whatevs.  Anyway, she took his hand and pointed to the “pull pants down” picture.  That little stinker looked down at his pull up and no joke, says with a shrug, “no pants”.  He was totally communicating, “Sorry, Lady, I’m not wearing pants.  Can’t do the schedule.” 



Yes, we broke the rules and laughed!



But sometimes, really, what’s a mom to do?



Anyway…I posted these specifically for all the parents out there that might be thinking about implementing a visual schedule but aren’t even sure where the heck to start.  Hopefully this’ll give you a little spring board. Hint:  I’m also a big fan of asking the professionals (think therapists, teachers, clinicians) to help out.  Sometimes they already have some created (or at least experience creating them) which will save you from reinventing the wheel!  Plus, if they have a picture exchange program it helps keep the pictures streamlined too.  I’m also a big fan of things that match. 



:: smile ::




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