Thursday, June 14, 2012

we call them squeezies

Play dough is all the rage these days!
in case you hadn’t noticed
I double dog dare ya to surf Pinterest and not stumble on a play dough pin!  But then, why would you want not to when play dough is the bestest?!
My (this is not a new idea and there are plenty of other similar ones out there but this was the first I’d seen) original inspiration for this project was Somewhat Simple’s Wacky Sacks.  It was one of those “holy what a great play dough idea, batman!” moments!  This project is SO easy that even the non-craftiest mommies out there (to which I am eternally bonded – we are sisters, kindred spirits, besties) can and should do it!
And just in time for Daddy’s Day too!
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 001
You’ll need…
Play dough.  I bought mine at the dollar store.  Next year maybe I’ll be adventurous and add some scent-i-ness too.
Balloons.  We already had these on hand.
Helpers.  Because you’ll need help smooshing the play dough into those dang balloons!  I happen to have three (even though Trevy is more mess – less help) running around here.  In love
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 003
Roll the play dough into snakes.  But not without your iPod by your side, of course.  Because we all need Adele stuck in our heads for weeks on end.  :: smile ::
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 005
Have one of your Helpers stretch the balloon out nice and wide.
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 002
Smoosh and squeeze play dough into stretched balloon.
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 007
We used one container of dough per balloon.
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 006
Bristel decided hers needed a face.  She then proceeded to carry it with her everywhere!  Named her Squeezie and proceeded to donate all her Barbie items to her new play dough pal.  It is not uncommon around here lately, to trip on a Barbie bus being manned by Squeezie.  With a bow in her hair (because that little balloon tied knot does kinda look like hair), no less.
Both of the (little) boys have a squeezie too.  Toby calls his the thinking ball.  Which lives in his workbox tote with his school work.  For easy “thinking” access.  Trevy’s survived for a 10 minutes (maybe) before being chewed apart.  Sigh.  We’ll have to figure something bite through proof for him because it really is great for sensory and fine motor input!
And for our “big” boy with a special day coming this weekend?
squeezies,moondough,trevorsschedule 024-001
A Daddy play dough Stress Ball to help him survive without us while he’s off makin’ the bacon!
If you’re looking for a last minute Daddy’s Day gift, this could be your ticket!
For even more play dough inspirations…







  1. Definitely need to make these with the kids - love the idea of making one as a simple Father's Day gift, too!

    Thanks for linking over to our googly eyed play dough monster :)

    1. Thank you for sharing! We'll definitely be making some play dough monsters inspired by you! :)


  2. This is a great idea! I've been trying to come up with a cute activity that my little guy could do for Daddy and this would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing our garden post! :)

    1. It's so fun AND easy! My kids LOVED it! Thank you for sharing your garden post with me...too cute!


  3. What a fun project for children to make for their fathers or anytime! And, I love that one of your sons called his a "thinking ball"! Wonderful links you have included, Danielle. Thank you!

  4. Thing are stressful for my husband at work. We need to make him one of these. Thank you for the mention!