Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ever feel like that?

Every time I sit down for a writing project with Bristel it goes like this.
She taps her lips with her pencil.
Looks around the room.
Scratches her head.
Wiggles. Hems and haws.
And finally looks up at me with her big blue eyes, shrugs and says,
I got nuthin'



I’m totally with her today.





  1. Hee oldest has improved over the years...but when we started homeschooling it was TORTURE for him and myself for one line! He is doing much better now. :) I hope your writers block ends soon!

  2. She's only in 1st grade so I'm holding out hope. But my going into 6th's been a rough writing road! Ugh. Although he did just tell me he wants to complete one essay a month over the summer!