Wednesday, April 4, 2012

exploring astronomy: two super fun asteroid space rock games!

We’re still exploring space rocks and such with Apologia’s curriculum.

  You can see projects we’ve already done at this link

We worked on our lapbooks today and then played a couple super fun homemade games!

Navigate the Galaxy

To play have your children create a galaxy in the yard by using all outdoor toys and gear they can lift.  It is key that they can do this alone…because you’ll be pooped when it’s time to clean up! In love 

Once the yard is adequately littered with “asteroids”, “comets” and “meteors” you’ll need to grab a scarf or anything that can be used as a blindfold.

Assign one person to be the navigator and one to be the space ship. 

Blind fold the space ship.  For added fun…you can twirl him/her around a couple times.  Because everything is more fun when you’re dizzy! 

Now the navigator must verbally guide the blindfolded space ship through the galaxy to the space station at the other end.  If the spaceship hits anything they blow up.  It’s a special hoot when mommy plays the space ship!

Alternative Play:  Use index cards with navigation directions written on them.  (ex. 5 giant steps to the left)  Rather than blindfold the spaceship have him/her draw cards for directions through the galaxy. 


Comet Tag

Leave the yard littered with all the "asteroids, comets and meteors”.

Choose one person to be the comet…or “it”.

Comet counts to 10 and then tries to tag the other players. 

Once a player is tagged they become the comet’s tail by hanging on to the main comet.  The goal is to tag everyone!

Why do kids love playing tag with their out of shape mommies?!  Seriously, they were belly laughing all the way!  Meanwhile, I was ready to collapse in the closest lawn chair!  Which btw…I was very happy I had the brilliant idea to make sure they could lift everything themselves.  Thereby allowing me to catch my breath while they cleaned up the galaxy!  Smile



  1. Love this! I hope you enjoy a blessed Easter with your sweet family!

  2. It was super fun!

    And blessed Easter back at you! :)