Wednesday, April 4, 2012

creating our very own book(let) of poetry


I would post pictures…



but alas…the camera batteries are toast.  Which is what happens when I let Trevy play with the camera.  If only he didn’t look so darn cute with it hanging around his neck!






The big kids are creating their own books of poems this month.  I’m using these prompts to explore the various types of poetry.  Yesterday we used their names to create Acrostics.  Today we wrote about our favorite colors.  And their writings were just too cute not to share!  Still wishing I could point and click for you…because there is something about childish handwriting that makes me all sappy too.  Maybe I dooooo have some poetic in me after all?  Or maybe it’s all just sap!  In love






Red reminds me of the blood shed at Calvary.

Red makes me feel scared and brave at the same time.

Red sounds like the lava below the surface, waiting to erupt.


by Toby






Green makes me feel like the grass.

Green makes me happy.

I like green.

by Bristel







Gosh, do I love these kids! 




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