Thursday, March 29, 2012

rhyming and phonics and other freebie apps



Rhyming Words by Grasshopper Apps is free today!  It may remain free but since my crystal ball is broken I’m adding the qualifier today.  This is my attempt to redirect any potential naysayers or critics.  In love 





We’ve already played with it for a couple minutes and I looooove it!  It’s a great app to pair with the All About Reading Pre Level 1 program – which introduces the concept of rhyming.



Also free today



ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics



The song is catchy and cute.  The games are a little advanced for Trevy…but that just means his sister gets to play teacher.  A role that she’s totally digs!



Our whole family’s  newest fave everybody’s gotta have it freebie app is…



Disneyland Explorer




There is nothing to not love about this one!  It’s kept the kiddos entertained for long stretches of minutes in a row! 



Now Disney just needs to create one for Disney World too!




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