Wednesday, March 28, 2012

her 1st grade workboxes (march)


The things that fit in the box are…



Abeka’s Arithmetic 1 for Math.


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 010


She’s learning how to check the temp and count with change.  Which means she now knows that a penny is worth less than a quarter – drat!  She’s learning to add and subtract double digits!  Our felt fractions come in SO handy for fraction work!  Love them!  And she’s learning to tell time too.  Because she’s Kinesthetic (like her mommy) she uses a foam clock to help with the make-it-tangible factor.


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 012

The felt fractions live on the white board which hangs in our school/therapy room.  We don’t necessarily do all our work in the school/therapy room but for us it’s nice to have a place.  Also, it helps to keep my littlest focused when we’re working.  Smile

Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 003


Learning cursive with Abeka’s penmanship program


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 005


Abeka’s Language 1 for grammar work.  I’m so impressed with how she’s really grasping the idea of grammar.  In fact, she loves pointing out when her big brother forgets his sentence punctuation.  In love


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 008


Caught using the b-e-d trick for reminding her which direction the “b” and “d” face.


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 001


Abeka’s Letters and Sounds for our phonics


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 009


We’re working through the Abeka readers but we’re also big library fans.  She was SO excited to find more Mo Willems goodies to go along with Pinkalicious – her absolute fave book!  She’s very proud that she can read the whole thing with only one or two helps!  Actually, she can read all of these books with just a little help!  Which makes this mommy proud of the both of us!


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 013


Abeka’s history –  we’ve fallen behind on this one.  But I squeeze in history and geography during our morning meetings together with her big brother and am using this book as more of a read-aloud.


Bristel's Workboxes 3-2012 015


Not pictured and doesn’t really fit in the box:  Daily piano and Bible memory work.  Now that ice skating & basketball are both done for the season, she’ll be using Wii Fit again for gym.  Although, she does run around a lot with her brothers anyway.  Once a week we meet on the couch for Science – we’re exploring the stars with Apologia.  And for art, I’ve been leading an art co-op every Weds at our church.  We have plenty of space there and I get to keep the mess out of my house!  In love  Our last class for this year is tomorrow!  We’ve had fun… 



And that’s how we’re workboxing lately…





  1. Aren't those Mo Willems' books GREAT? My youngest LOVES them! Although he prefers me to read them because I give the characters didn't voices and make faces! LOL

  2. I TOTALLY understand the sense of accomplishment a person feels when they teach their kiddo to READ!!! It has to be one of the best feelings in the world...

  3. We aaaaaadore the Mo W series! The subtle humor is GREAT!

    And it definitely IS one of the best feelings in the world!