Saturday, March 10, 2012

playing with monster mazes (a review)


Your Therapy Source



gave me the wonderful gift of reviewing the downloadable and printable e-book






Monster Mazes



monster mazes 001



Confession – I was so excited to get started with these that I didn’t (ahem)  read the instructions first and was mildly disappointed that printables were so small.



Silly me.  In love



They’re so small so you can slip them right into a clear cd case!



Which when you think about it – is brilliant!



monster mazes 003



A clear cd case is great for things like:


Using dry erase tools (of which I am a HUGE fan)

Keeping the worksheets in one place and organized

Extra fine motor work – by virtue of being smaller & also because curious fingers will learn how to pry it open

For popping into mommy’s purse (or if you have a Trevy too…diaper bag) to keep little ones occupied in waiting rooms, the market or where ever

The smaller case was also a new concept and therefore exciting for Trevy



monster mazes 012


I popped a few dry erase crayons into a left over valentines heart for a little extra fine motor business.


monster mazes 005


I had Trevy match the monsters with his finger first.


I love how cutsie the monsters are.  I also love that the worksheets focus on matching the same color monsters too.  Colors are included in every treatment plan we’ve developed recently for Trevy.  Smile


monster mazes 006


Ha Ha


How cute is that concentration tongue up there?! 


monster mazes 007


Distraction alert!


Trevy had to finish unwrapping the paper from the crayon before he could concentrate any further.


monster mazes 008


Broken crayons make me cringe too.




at the advice of some stellar therapists I found the courage to snap my Crayola dry erase crayons into smaller chunks.


monster mazes 010



The smaller chunks force little fingers into a more refined grip.


You can clearly see the difference in the picture below with a larger writing tool.



trevy handwriting 016



One of the best tips I ever had was breaking those crayons!



monster mazes 011



Trevy gives Monster Mazes two thumbs up!



And so does Trevy’s Mommy.  In love



If you have a little one who needs fine motor work I would definitely recommend Monster Mazes.  At just $3.99 plus the luxury of not having the leave your home to purchase or wait for a workbook to arrive in the mail. 



I think Monster Mazes is the ticket!






A big fat thank you to Your Therapy Source for this wonderful gift – which by the way was donated with no blog review strings attached.  I am sharing my review because I am impressed with the company and the product!

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