Friday, December 30, 2011

tebow lovers live here



**warning – content may be offensive to Tebow haters**



christmas break and tebowing 010



My men-folk love sports.  Even Trevy.  In fact, he’s been wearing his Special Olympics medal around the house lately.  Maybe hinting that he’s ready for our Winter Season to get on with it already!  Bristel’s the only hold out.  In fact, she told me the other day that she’s going to marry for love.  Because if he loves her…he won’t watch sports.  lol  I didn’t have the heart to tell her…if she loves him…she’ll learn to enjoy them.   



Toby is an all around athlete.  He’s not a super star at any one sport…but solid in all of them.  He has played for more than one of our community’s All Star teams.  I’m saving the shirts to make a quilt someday. 



He’s actually sitting behind me right now playing something or other sporty on the x-box. 



He’s a sports addict.



And a Tim Tebow fan extraordinaire. 



And so am I.  Because, really, what mommy doesn’t love a handsome wholesome super hero athlete for her boys?  More than ever our boys need strong men of integrity to look up to.  Sure he has his daddy.  And a couple other dads we know.  But let’s face it, guys.  You’re just not as cool as Tebow. Winking smile   And I’ll just go ahead and admit that I’m a sucker for Tim Tebow too.  If there’s a fan club…sign me up!  I already “liked” him on FB.  Hung his poster in Toby’s room.  And am fully intending to buy a certain somebody’s Bronco’s jersey for a certain soon to be 11 year old’s birthday.



Yep.  Tebow lovers live here.  I should make a car decal or something. 



christmas break and tebowing 015



Unless you’re Peace Corps-ing it in the middle of nowhere, you’ve probably heard about the whole “Tebowing” incident.  I rolled my eyes.  Not at the kids. 



And totally loooooved this pinned picture with the caption: Tebowing?




Ever since I was a kid…I liked to go against the flow.  So go on and hve fun with the Tebowing kids…




This principal gives it two thumbs up!




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