Saturday, December 31, 2011

microphones are yummy


I caught Trevy rockin’ out with one of his fave Christmas gifts.  Please pardon my messy Therapy/School Room.  That’s what happens when it gets used. 


  :: smile :: 




I love how he pats his chest when he sings “me”.


Also, how he turns his head away so he can keep chomping on the microphone.  Cheeky.  But smarty too.


I do think it’s super cool that Allison Cruz thinks he’s cute.  She doesn’t just have a smashing voice…but super good taste too. 





  1. That is soo funny!!! Love to capture kid moments! Just started following you via e-mail. You can find me at Blessings!

  2. Thanks, girls!

    Tirzah...I "liked" you on FB. I didn't see a follow button!