Wednesday, December 7, 2011

our first time ice skating!


A local fancy shancy private school opens their ice rink to homeschoolers every Tuesday during the winter.


ice skating 001


Most co-op-y things don’t work with my (Trevy) schedule or they’re too far away.  We live in the boon-docks of our region.  But this one is in a perfect for us zone and I knew we had to do it. 


ice skating 005

ice skating 007


So…last week I set about finding skates for the kiddos.  And was SO thrilled that another homeschool mommy friend would be joining us too! 




Little Miss. Independent is SO funny with her dainty ice walking!



Toby has been feeling so lonely lately.  Which is why my heart swelled when another boy about the same age immediately befriended him.  And even stayed with him during the wall clinging learning for awhile!  Of course, he did leave to play tag for awhile too which helped encourage Tobes to get off that wall.  I just know he’ll be tagging it up in no time!




We had SO much fun that I’m tempted to buy skates for me!  This is going on our weekly to-do list! 


ice skating 010



Best homeschool event ever!




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