Monday, December 5, 2011

free appvent alert!


get em’ while they’re free!

we haven’t played it yet so I can’t rate it.  But the developer claims it helps kids learn and practice the States and Capitals. 

Bristel LOVES dressing up games!

Toca Hair Salon – Christmas
Another Bristel goodie! She loooove the original Toca Hair Salon.  But seriously?  Even better when you’re stylin’ the big guy!

A LakeShore Learning app!

Another LakeShore treat!

An app for everybody’s favorite phonics program!  By LakeShore Learning.



  1. if only I could figure out how to download these onto my new Kindle Fire! LOL

  2. Oh drat! That's right! I forgot you had the Kindle. Bleh...I'm so drenched in iPad world that I have NO idea how the Kindle works!