Tuesday, November 8, 2011

see the light–thanksgiving & christmas freebies and more

Have I mentioned that I don’t have a crafty bone in my body?

Once or a thousand times maybe?

It’s SO true.

Which is why art is the first thing to go when push comes to shove.  The trouble is…

I want my kids to learn artsy things


They happen to LOVE learning artsy things.

So I’ve stumble bumbled around trying to find something that was a good fit.  There are lots of choices out there.  I’ve even tried some.  And posted about it too!  But nothing was working.  Nothing was turning out quite right enough to make it a keeper. 

And then I found See The Light

(and I know this is sounding way too infomercial…and I should tell you that I am an affiliate now…but only because I really really love this program!  It’s perfect for moms like me.  Moms who want their kids to learn artsy things…but have no artsy skills to pass on to them!)

Here’s a great little promo vid that explains what See The Light’s Art Class has to offer much better than I could…

You can purchase the whole year’s worth of lessons – like me! 

(But shhhhh here’s a lil’ secret…be patient because they’re going on sale between November 15th and December 9th PLUS free shipping!)

Or if you’re not looking for a whole year’s worth of art lessons…you can check out the freebies.  Right now there is a really sweet Thanksgiving project.

Okay.  That’s enough marketing from me for today.  Smile


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