Monday, October 17, 2011

unschooling”ish” moment of the day (er…weekend :)

I was unashamedly spying on the Daddy-Daughter project taking place in our backyard this weekend…

new pictures 002

new pictures 003

new pictures 004

new pictures 016

Our pretty new patio is ready just in time for Smores Season!



  1. Oh how cute! Don't you just love spying on our children? Thanks for your comment on my blog. I wanted to let you know too, that if you are interested in Rosetta Stone, I think it is really great for the older kids. Our oldest (almost 14) does the entire homeschool program, which includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You will probably have to research the program a bit to find out how it works if you don't want to use the writing, etc... But I can't believe how much she has already progressed!

  2. Cute! And the patio looks great! We've been oogling those fire pits this year, but haven't gotten one yet. Sam (6) spent his weekend sawing up fallen trees. HOURS! We would definitely have enough firewood for a pit! LOL

  3. Oh that is lovely :-) We just bought a fire pit - how great are they!! I really want to paint our patio now to!!

  4. Faith...I just really connect with the way your share your life. Hence all the comments. :)

    Mama Mountain...LOVE our firepit. Although I am a scaredy cat when we use it...we're in a very "cozy" neighborhood and my worst fear is catching something on fire! The Hubs likes to laugh at me 'bout that.

    Susie...I was really worried the red would be too loud...but it really did turn out nice. Maybe even "charming"??? You'll have to post pics if you paint yours!